Understanding Obstructive Sleep Apnea – For The Patient And Family

Sleeplessness is not normal, and do not fall victim to that myth! This is a serious fallacy that leads people to accept major health issues that need to be addressed. Many people have sleep apnea and everyone should know about the condition.

Think about getting a guard for your mouth. If you’ve got an overbite, a small jaw, or other jaw-related abnormality, try talking to your dentist about getting fitted for a custom-made mouth guard. Mouth guards fix your jaw alignment and this means easier night breathing.

There are a few things you can try if your CPAP therapy is drying out your mouth. Try increasing the humidity; this can keep your mouth as well as your nasal passage moist. A mask with a chin strap can also be used to keep the mouth closed so it doesn’t dry out.

TIP! If you are lacking someone to sleep next to you it might be hard to tell if you suffer from sleep apnea. A video recorder can help you discover whether you are sleeping well or struggling.

Sleep Apnea

Get a mouth guard custom fitted just for you. These can help take care of any problems with your airways, which are usually the culprit for sleep apnea. The position your jaw sits in can cause your sleep apnea symptoms.

Sleep apnea is a dangerous condition to have. If you notice some of the warning signs, you need to talk to your doctor as soon as possible. A doctor can refer you to a sleep lab if the doctor believes you have sleep apnea, and you can then get on the road to recovery if you have it.

TIP! There are throat exercises that can help you get rid of sleep apnea. By building up the muscles that surround the airway, such exercises can reduce the likelihood of muscular relaxation and airway constriction during sleep.

The technical definition for sleep apnea is simply lacking oxygen when sleeping. Given this underlying cause, it’s a good idea for sleep apnea sufferers to avoid high altitudes. Since the levels of oxygen decrease the higher the elevation, this can aggravate the condition of someone suffering with sleep apnea. If you are able to avoid sleeping in the mountains or on an airplane, you should.

Sleep Apnea

If you suspect you are suffering from sleep apnea, schedule a sleep test with your doctor. A sleep test can diagnose both your sleep apnea and its severity. You and your doctor can then plan a course of action to treat your sleep apnea, whether it is mild, moderate or severe.

TIP! Many people think of sleep apnea as a problem surrounding the nose, but really strengthening your throat muscles is the key. If making your throat stronger is something that you want to do, plenty of exercise choices exist that are quick to do.

Give sleeping on your sides a try. Many people who have sleep apnea also sleep looking straight up. Your airway can get blocked if you sleep on your back. However, breathing is much easier if you sleep on your side instead. If you have a hard time sleeping on your back all night, you can try to prop pillows around yourself to prevent you from sleeping on your back.

Because of the knowledge you’ve just acquired on sleep apnea, you should be better equipped on dealing with this condition. Do not let people try to convince you that being tired is OK, it is not and you should seek the advice of a doctor.

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Get Rid Of Sleep Apnea

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